Missionary Effort

Most people simply need a chance to learn the truth.

We give them that chance.

Twelve Chances


Every Mailman a Missionary

We buy Ensigns for investigators.

Sometimes missionaries have to stop visiting investigators. But the mail never stops coming. Let's arm every mail carrier with a church magazine.

When investigators stop progressing it's often a timing issue. They don't feel ready or maybe they're not in a place in their life to accept the gospel. Giving them 12 more chances to accept the gospel over the course of a year would be ideal. We buy church magazine subscriptions for them. They may throw away the first five or six issues, but maybe the seventh arrives at a time when they need Christ in their life and are willing to accept Him.

If you know someone that could benefit from a subscription to a church magazine please send their address to [email protected]

We are only able to deliver subscriptions to US and Canada addresses at this time.